Dear friends who are interested in Kooikerhondje:

Who are indeed very happy that you are interested in Kooiker dogs! We also love our dogs and therefore we would be interested to know how you found our address.

We really live for this particular type of dog and breed them more out of love and interest than for commercial gain. In this respect, Please check the Photo-show on our Website under the title ''Puppy News'' - pictures say more than a thousand words! Then you will surely understand that serious Puppy-breeding is only for those who are completely aware of their responsibilities. This kind of breeding involves a lot of time, energy and dedication. And in order to remain true to our maxims, we have only one - maximum two - Kooiker nests with different female dogs in the same year (in one year). Each covering breed takes place with different well-tested male dogs, so in this way the Kooiker race is positively influenced. We do not breed different races and animal types. In other words, we do not breed for the masses!

We also do not have a Mail Order Centre for our Kooiker puppies! When your understand our attitude, then it is clear to you that we have a waiting list for only potential buyers who are serious and aware of their responsibilities toward the Kooiker puppies. These clients are prepared to wait. All good things need time - "Patience brings the roses, but first the buds."


I am happy to help you in any way and for those interested; I always try to find the suitable puppy for a family or as a companion. Should the waiting-time appear too long for you, I can recommend you to other breeders, but I only do this if I know them personally.

I sincerely hope that I have been of service to you and I would be happy if you would enter your name in our Guest Book

Heinz & Susanne Räber
CH-6403 Küssnacht am Rigi
Tel: 0041.41.850.77.17
Fax: 0041.41.850.77.20


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